Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look back at 2008

I've already posted my goals for 2009, so I've decided to look back at 2008 to see where I came from. One year ago if you had told me I'd be doing some of these things I probably would've laughed.

Before 2008 I have never...
  1. Run more than 5 miles at a single time.
  2. Run in a running race of any distance.
  3. Clipped into pedals (fell while learning how to adjust the tension then again learning to unclip).
  4. Swam a lap since high school (ocean and pools don't count).
  5. Heard of zoot, gu, accelerade, body glide, chamois butter, compression tights, chip timing, bonking, Giant, Specialized.
  6. Thought these letters would mean anything to me: HRM, BPM, V02, T1, T2, AG
  7. Worn bike shorts & a tri suit.
  8. Known that there was any difference between triathlon bikes or road bikes.
  9. Known there was more than one ironman or that there were shorter triathlons.
  10. Read biking, running, and triathlon magazines.
  11. Visited the GV section in the school library.
  12. Been in a real bike shop.
  13. Ate 4,500 calories a day for nearly a month and LOST weight.
  14. Created a "Training" category in Quicken. (With subcategories for Swim, Bike, Run)
  15. Shaved my legs.

P.S. These were stolen borrowed (and modified) from California Training.


Runner Leana said...

Wow, that's a lot to accomplish in 2008! Congratulations! I can't wait to read what 2009 has in store for you. Happy New Year!

Badgergirl said...

2008 sounds like it was a productive year for you! Good job!

By the way, I'm Badgergirl, I stumbled upon your blog via Teacherwoman.