Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday update

Does shoveling snow count as cardio or strength training? Either way three sessions of snow shoveling were my only workouts this weekend. I helped shovel my parents driveway, they're in their 60's and probably shouldn't shovel too much snow. First snow session wasn't too bad, light and fluffy, maybe 4 inches total. The kind of snow you like to look up to the sky, stick out your tongue, and do your best Peanuts impression. Second session was a little heavier, roughly an inch of snow-ish/ice-ish. Third... Ugh! It warmed up a little, so the 5 inches of snow started to turn to slush. Ugh! This was definitely strength training. Between the bad roads, bad sidewalks, and rain/snow/sleet I barely got outside this weekend.

Right now it's 14 degrees out with a high of 23, running outside, sorry not for me! After the faculty meeting this afternoon, AKA holiday party (Not a cool holiday party like I've had in other schools, it's in the school cafeteria) I'm planning on hitting the gym for... not really sure. There's a 7pm spin class, but I'm not sure who the instructor is, some of them suck. I absolutely abhor the treadmill, so that's out. Depending on timing I may just lift. After the gym it's off to Christmas shop. Dad and brother 1 of 2 are done. Brother 2 of 2 is getting gift cards. Not really sure what to get for mom. Silly me waiting for the most important person until last.

Now Dad's gift I'm proud of. It's a seltzer/soda machine call the Soda Club. My dad goes through at least a liter of seltzer a day. In the summer that jumps to at least 2-3 a day. Not only are the bottles not environmentally friendly, but the machine is really cool! I ordered it a month ago and have been dying to try it out. I've been really tempted to open it up and try it out, but I guess that wouldn't make me a very good son.

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teacherwoman said...

I consider shoveling a great form of cross training. On saturday we got about 5 inches of that heavy stuff and I shoveled a good portion of my driveway (my Dad did the other half)... and it was windy, and my lower back muscles were a little sore the next day. It felt good. LOL