Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Year's

Some people say New Year's resolutions are a waste of time. While I realize that many people make them and don't follow through very far into February (which is why I hate going to the gym February-March), I've made a few in the past and actually stuck to it. Five years ago, when I turned 25, I decided to make 2004 the year I would get myself into shape. I started going to the gym lifting & running about four times a week. I've managed to keep that steady ever since. Last year 2008 was all about triathlon, hopefully I can keep that going to for another five as well. Here are my goals for good ol' 2009!

Fitness Goals (See notes below)
  2. Finish Timberman HIM less than 6:00 (Highly dependent on #1)
  3. Finish Nations Triathlon less than 2:45 (Highly dependent on #1)
  4. SWIM, SWIM, SWIM (Figured out my weak area yet?)
  5. Bounce quarters off my stomach. (Is this a fitness goal or bar trick?)
  6. Complete the California Death Ride. ***
  7. Enjoy running more than 5 miles. (Why do I get so bored?)
  8. Figure out a real training plan AND stick to it!  
Life Goals
  1. Finish graduate degree number 1
  2. Do lots of research and planning for doctoral schools

*** A spin instructor friend and her training partner did it last year.   This year they're doing it again with a few otheres from my gym/spin class are doing it.  
  • Cons - 129 mile ride in Death Valley, 15,000 feet of climbing, in July
  • Pros - 129 mile ride in Death Valley, 15,000 feet of climbing, in July
Doesn't that just sound really cool!?!  But, I may be away doing some work preparing for life goal #2 the week preceding. So I may not have enough time to get to California adjust for time & altitude. We'll see.  

P.S. Saturday run didn't happen, just stuck doing work a LOT longer than expected. Then had Trans Siberian Orchestra concert with the fam.  Kicked ass!  Sunday bike ride to & fro spin class happened.  Despite the 32 degree temp... Brr!!!


teacherwoman said...

California Death ride sounds, deathly.... but cool!

I too hate the gym after the new year. It is crazy busy.

Your goals look great. I know when I wrote up my goals last december, I focussed on three areas... Life, Health, and Fitness.

Runner Leana said...

Those sound like great goals for 2009. Good luck! Getting ready for Death Valley would be amazing for your cycling.

sbrtv said...

I've got the same number 2 goal, except that it is all about RUN RUN RUN.

See you in August!