Friday, December 12, 2008

Secunda post

Last night did a double spin class in NYC. While going into NYC takes about 45 mins of mass transit and foot power (my regular gym is 5 mins from my house) I like doing it every so often. Meeting new people is a lot of fun. I think I also push myself a little harder, maybe because I'm trying to show off a bit. Each class was a different instructor. The first one was good. She played "Kissed a Girl" (a guilty pleasure song of mine), other music was genearlly good, mostly club stuff. The second class was nothing short of fantastic. First half were 30 second & 1 minute intervals of resistance then speed. It was a small group of spinners, but everyone was into it. Well except for the guy next to me who's heart rate was 133 while mine was pounding at 172. Oh yea, he wasn't 75 years old that would've been acceptable.

Tonight I'm probably going to hit the gym. Do some upper body strength training. Saturday I'm busy most of the daylight hours, but hope to get a 4 mile run in in the early evening. High temp is only set to be 34 though, brrr! Sunday's high is 45, so I might ride my bike to the gym for a spin class then go out for a bit of a ride afterwards.

P.S. That's the limit of my Italian. Don't except a running theme for the title.


teacherwoman said...

Double spin class? Nice. I might have to try that sometime! LOL. I love spin. And it's perfect for us that get the cold winters and can't be out on the open roads for more than 6 months out of the year!

artnoc310 said...

The double spin classes are best when it's the same trainer for both classes. Usually for people doing both they'll just keep going right through. 1:45 of spinning!