Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow & Gym

Just under an inch of snow here in NJ. I know, nothing like the snow teacherwoman has up in ND, but it's the first "real" snow of the season here. Shockingly the NJ DOT and even local towns did a reasonable job of salting, so the roads last night and this morning were fine.

The snow didn't stop getting to the gym. I needed to be at school last night to help out with the choir concert dress rehearsal. So instead of sitting around for 4 hours I went to a nearby NYSC. That's where the problems start. I get to the gym and realize that I don't have a towel to shower with (no towel service at this gym). Rummage through my trunk and find this nasty smelling towel I usually put on my seat after spin class. TMI? Eww, but it'll do. Problem #1 solved.

I then realize that I have no lock. Grr... Now I'm committed to working out. I walk two blocks (in the snow) to a CVS and buy a new lock. Luckily I'm good at remembering numbers, with needing to memorize a new combo quickly. Problem #2 solved.

Get inside the gym, scan my card, woman behind the desk says "Oh, I'm sorry we're on peak hours and your membership doesn't allow access to this gym at this time." Grr... I plead ignorance, even though I knew it was a peak hour, kindly mention how I've been there a few times before and wasn't sure what time the peak hours begin. She perhaps feels a little sorry for me and lets me in. Problem #3 solved.

As far as the workout itself...

Superset of...
Traveling Lunges - Roughly 40 feet of distance each, w/15 lb dumbbell in each hand
Pushup Row - 6 reps per side per set, using same dumbbells
Vertical Dumbbell Press with Curl (not sure of the real name on this one) - 10 reps, using same dumbbells
Explosive Vertical Jump - 10 reps, no dumbbells

Repeat above for three sets. Then followed by...

Oblique Woodchopper - 75 lbs 10 reps, 3 sets (This one is fun)
Can't remember the name - Stand facing a pully machine with a horizontal bar, palms on top of the bar, pull bar down toward waist. Used to stabalize core and shoulders.

Afterwards, shower, Panera, and back to school for 1.5 hours of turning pages for the accompanist.

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