Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday ride

68 degrees in NJ in December!?! Great day for biking! I started the day by waking up 45 minutes later than I wanted. I was hoping to get an hour ride in before spin class. Turned into a short ride to class instead The winds going to class sucked! I managed to get myself stuck in a headwind during the long straight away of a mile or so. I should also mention that this may be straight, but has about an 10 degree incline the entire mile. Well, it's good warmup for the class. The spin class was pretty good.

The pedals on the first bike I got on were broken, so I had to switch to another bike. (***See footnote). I averaged 160 HR over the 50 mins I tracked during class. Three times I was at about 95% for a solid 30 seconds or so each. Good hills with some fast sprints, overall fun. After the class I did some riding to practice some skills e.g. drinking from the water bottle, switching to drop down bars, standing and pedaling, signaling, etc. I still have a tough time standing and pedaling. Gotta keep working on that.

Tomorrow I'm doing another spin class at 9:30am. I'm thinking about running to the class 3.5 miles then running home. It's been a while since I've done a nice bike/run brick. But with only 48 as the high, I'm not sure what the temp will be at 9am. That and it's a really nasty looking run, goes by much quicker on the bike. We shall see.

***So I've been to this fancy-schmancy club in NYC a couple times. Mind you as a guest, I'm sure their memberships are WAY above the pay grade of a teacher. Their spin bikes have SPD pedals on one side and road pedals on the other. Then they've got a box full of clip-on cages for those using regular sneakers. Unfortunately my gym has SPD pedals and cages on the other side. This is the reason I use mountain SPDs on my road bike. I've never had a problem with pain or numbness with the SPDs but I've never had a ride much more than 30-40 miles. I've heard that as you get over 50 the SPDs can cause foot problems. With the upcoming 70.3 in August I'm going to have to start doing some longer rides as well as figure out what kind of pedals I want to use in the race!

Now, sure I could put road pedals on my road bike, but I really like riding my bike to the gym for a spin class. Now why can't this club get the cool double sided pedals like the one in NYC? I guess that's the kind of service fancy-schmancy people get from their club.

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Ryan said...

You should do what a true cyclist does...bring your own pedals to the spin class. In less than a minute "your" bike can be set up just the way you want it with your own pedals. Just put a pedal wrench in your workout bag. I know people that bring their own saddles too.

Oh, you need to get rid of the SPD's! "Those" type of people have proven to me to be kinda dangerous on the bike. I won't ride within 2 bike lengths of anyone sporting SPD's :-0

By the way, I'm Ryan