Monday, January 12, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

I couldn't resist the title. Justin Timberlake shuffled onto my iPod right at the end of my run today. If you were you look at the songs on my iPod you'd think it belonged to a 15 year old girl. Good news is I rememebered the iPod. It's my first one every. The 'rents got it for me for Christmas. I just seem to keep forgetting it when I go running/to the gym.

Today's run 4.4 miles 41:49, 159 average HR. It's a 2.2 mile loop starting from the driveway. The first loop I made it in 19:30. I guess I got slower on the second half. Or maybe just getting scared of the dark.


Badgergirl said...

Nice run. I agree. For some reason I can't run without my tunes.

Kelly said...

haha. I like gangsta rap/ step up soundtrack when I run. Actually, I really like podcasts on my ipod. Surprisingly nice to listen to talking. Bikram was good. I think I particularly liked the heated room. I really thought I wouldn't be able to do it but about 15min in it felt really nice. Right now I'm not too sore, so I think the heat helped. I tried a yoga class at my gym and was sore for days after. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I also liked the class I did today cause they did every move twice. I'm not sure if all "yogis" do this, but I liked it cause I was able to watch and try a move. Then really get it down and feel like I got it the second time around, you know? You should really try it if it doesn't cost any extra.

teacherwoman said...

LOL on the music! Nice job on the run!

sbrtv said...

Hey, no shame in a little JT. I rocked out to some Brittney during my treadmill run today and am damn proud.
Keep it up brotha.