Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get off your ass

After Bikram on Thursday and the resultant several gallons of sweat, I decided to take a rest on Friday. I ended up staying up really late Friday night (to the tune of 3am) slept until 10, then had to get blood drawn. Since that included fasting there was no chance for any workout early today. After the visit to Dracula's den I was STARVING! Eat my first meal at noon? Ha! I've usually ate three times by then. Then I came home, ate, did a cursory cleaning, and vegged until the swim lesson. For some reason I felt really lazy and contemplated calling to cancel, citing a nonexistent cold. But since the swim teacher is actually a high school kid I decided that would be lame. I dragged my ass to the pool, mind you in 15 degree weather.

Good news, I am REALLY glad I went. I felt so much better afterwards. He showed me some tweaks to my uncoordinated arms. That resulted in my arms being REALLY tired. So tired in fact my forearms are lying like dead weight on the laptop, no proper typing technique today.

Bad news, apparently the pool decided that since it's 15 out they should turn off the hot water in the showers. So I still stink of clorine and really need to go shower. Tomorrow it's bootcamp at 7am, spinning at 9am, with a little light lifting in between. Then another Bikram at 4pm, I'm a sucker.

We've all had those days when we would rather curl up in a nice comfy pair of sweatpants instead of training. And we've all had those days that we have to force ourselves to go. My challenge you to, get out there! You know you'll feel even better after.

P.S. Sorry for all of the "really"s today. I'm not sure what got into me.


Kelly said...

Hmmm... I should've worked out today, but I was holed up at my station making a demo reel (I SUPPOSE that's sort of important too). I love you schedule... sounds like me every day: stay up til 2 am, wake up at 11, eat breakfast at noon. My lunch doesn't even come until 6:30pm!

Runner Leana said...

Good job at the pool! I know what you mean about forcing yourself to get out there. I had a run on the schedule tonight, but I bailed. I'm thinking I'm still recovering, so that's an okay excuse, right?

Frayed Laces said...

Ha nice post and great title!