Saturday, January 3, 2009

I won!

Huge thanks to Frayed Laces for being one of 10 winners in her Free Swag Contest. All you had to do is add a comment about your favorite recovery strategies. Some were entertaining, some useful, others potentially scary. Go take a look for yourself! I can't wait to get my Recovery Socks! Look at me, plugging the company and I haven't even tried them out. I'll post a review once I get them.

As far as training. Yesterday I spent about 45 mins lifting at the gym. I continued the abhorrence for the treadmill by refusing to run on it. Instead focused on some lower body work. Well.... I am a guy, so I guess I have to be partially obsessed with upper body strength. So there was some of that too.

  • Traveling lunges 15lb dumb bells in each hand, covered about 50 feet 3 sets.
  • Each set broken up by a bicep curl twist into a vertical press with same 15 lb weights.
  • Squats with Smith machine 90 lbs total. I was thinking of popping on a pair of 25's on top of the 45's, but instead I opted for doing each rep SLOW. Man that felt like a good kind of bad. If you know what I mean, wait, not that kind of good-bad ;)
  • Lat pulldown 100lbs, 3 sets of 8 reps. I felt good doing this. I have rather weak upper body. Perhaps I should add a smilar goal to Kelsalynn and work on those pull-ups?
Today... Did a three mile run same 164 average as two days ago, and roughly the same pace. At two I have my first swimming lesson. I was never one of those kids who did swim lessons from age three and lived in a pool year round. I learned how to swim for fun and avoid drowning. As far as learning proper strokes, breathing... zilch for me! This is all part of addressing my fitness goals for 2009.

Wish me luck. If you don't see any posts ever again... It means I've drowned in the pool. Send strong swimming vibes toward NJ at about 2pm EST today.

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