Saturday, January 10, 2009

Injured of sorts

So last night I was at school late, but later than I thought. I was doing a little cleaning around my room and noticed on top of a shelf in the storage room a couple pieces of plastic shelving. Looking at it I said to myself "Wow, that doesn't look too safe up there." Instead of going to get a ladder to take it down safely I reached up to pull it down. Well, I was right, it wasn't safe. BAM! One of the pieces of shelving came smack down onto my forehead then lightly bounced off my nose. The school nurse was gone by then, but luckily the athletic teams are always around. The AD's secretary let me into the athletic trainers room to get a bag of ice. At this point I figured I probably should wait a bit to make sure no concussion. So I sat around for another hour and a half. No dizziness, no headache, no vomiting... So I figured no concussion. Now I'm left with a slightly red bump on my forehead and a slightly hurt nose. No bruises or black eye, yet... At least I hope not. As a result my swim last night got postponned.

I did make it to my swim lesson this afternoon. Much progress was made, especially from the crap I smacked down last week. My assignment for this week. Actually concentrate on when and how much I breath. Man! This swimming thing is tough! I'm envious of all of you seasoned swimmers! grrr! >:/

This coming week my swim workouts are going to be Tues & Wed (hopefully Friday too). Thursday I've got a doctors appt. It's been about a year and a half since I've been and decided with all of this triathlon stuff I should probably make sure the bloodwork and all that jazz is ok.

P.S. It's snowing here with forecast of a couple of inches. Hopefully tomorrow mornings bootcamp isn't snowed out! Double grrr!

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