Friday, January 16, 2009

It's getting hot in here!

What does one do when it's 15 degrees out? Curl up on the couch and watch a good movie, read a book in a big comfy sweater and a glass of hot coco, nah... I do yoga in a room heated to 103 degrees!

Last night was my first experience of Bikram Yoga. I've done yoga and pilates before so I knew basically what to expect in terms of postures and such. But oh boy... It was hot in there! The class was small, only about 10 people. Shockingly about even with guys and girls. Every other time I did yoga or pilates I was often the only guy. The guy who taught the class was great. Soft spoken, clear in his directions, helpful and encouraging, and funny! It was nice to see that he doesn't take himself or yoga too seriously that you can't laugh every once and a while.

The class was 90 minutes long started with some simple breathing and moved through different postures. Despite the drenching sweat within a few minutes it was great! I was able to come close to most of the postures and only one of them made me feel like I wanted to pass out.

They had a deal that if you take your first class before January 31st you get 30 days of unlimited yoga for only $30. I figured it was worth it and plan on going again. I definitely encourage all of you to check out some Bikram if you get a chance.


Kelly said...

I took a yoga class once. I'm extremely unflexible, so it was kinda rough. And I AM bundled up inside (it's -6 degrees outside).

teacherwoman said...

I did Bikram on the 2nd of this month in the twin cities... loved it! Wished we had some availability to it here in ND. Soon, I hope.