Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's going down!

The temperature that is.....

17 degrees right now, 23 forecast for the high, but tonight it's going down to 5 with wind chills in the minus 10's. Brrr! Running outside? Not a chance! It looks like I might have to get over my aversion to the treadmill if I want to do any running over the next few days.

Last night I visited one of the rec centers and pool at the grad school. Nice pool, small training area. There's a fancy one on one of the other campuses. At some point this semester I'll have to check that one out.

Tonight I'll be at the pool again. Tomorrow I've got a doctor's appt. after school then I'm either doing some Bikram yoga or traveling to NYC for a spin class at a fancy gym. Looking at the weather some hot yoga might be a good idea.

For those in the freeze already, stay warm!

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sbrtv said...

I hear you on the HOT Yoga. I am definitely in need for a good hot sweat to dethaw. It is only getting colder from here!