Thursday, January 1, 2009

Run #1

Here's me getting ready for run #1 of 2009. It's about 28 degrees, really sunny. I thought one layer of Nike Pro would be enough. Silly me. I got about 10 yards into the run and ran back inside for my RU zipper fleece. That was the perfect layering. I half unzipped twice during the run to regulate temperature.

4.0 mi 38:00-ish/9:30 ish pace, 164 avg. HR. I did have to stop twice to tie my shoes. Why won't these things ever stay tied! I also learned that I'm faster on hills, not just going down, duh! But going up as well. The run was about 2/3 hills, 1/3 flat. With the flat in the middle. I felt really slow on the flat. Maybe it's some kind of psychological thing that I push myself more on a hill?

Good run, felt strong, and relatively warm, I was, not the weather. Now I've got 15 mins to shower, eat lunch then NHL WINTER CLASSIC! Go Devils! Whoops, they're not playing.

P.S. For the fashion concerned: Nike Pro tights, Nike Pro long sleeve top, Under Armour gloves and cap, Zoot running shorts. Ghetto-ass $20 cycling glasses. Not pictured: RU zipper fleece.
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