Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Time Machine

Scene: November 1993
Cast: 30 year old Dave & 15 year old Dave

Scene opens with 30 year old Dave talking to 15 year old Dave. We can only hear what 30 year old Dave is saying.

Hi Dave! This is the 30 year old version of yourself. Yes, I know it's cool. Yes, sort of like an episode of Star Trek. Deep Space Nine continues. There'll be another series called Voyager, that one really kicks ass. And a prequel one called Enterprise. It does sound like a good idea! But don't waste your time, it sucked big time! There's this stupid race called the Xindi... Anyway.... Yes, it'll happen. Don't worry about who or when. No, you're not rich.

The real reason for my visit is to tell you to join the swim team. I know you're thinking about doing it. Yes, you aren't a very good swimmer, but that's the point. Besides, there's lots of chicks on the team. Trust me, 15 years from now you're really going to thank me, because you're going to get into triathlons. Yea, 29 year old Dave laughed at that one too, but it's true. Practice the clarinet a little more too. Oh, one last thing, freshmen year social studies is going to suck, don't worry the next two years will be much better. See you in 15 years.


Don't you wish sometimes you could do that? Pool work tonight was good. 40 minutes of the exercises I learned this past weekend. Now I smell like NYSC soap and shampoo. I guess it's better than chlorine. Tomorrow, weight training, then back to the pool for Thursday.

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