Saturday, February 7, 2009

Heat wave!

It was a balmy 51 degrees here today. Despite the tempting-ness of going for a run, I stuck to my regular Saturday afternoon plans and went for a swim. Usually I'm the only one in the pool, but today there were three other guys. With four swimmers and three lanes it meant for mild sharing. All four of us started swimming within a minute or two, odd how that happened. I am pleased to say that I outlasted all three of them by 10 minutes. BOOYA!

Not only that, but I think this was the first time that I felt comfortable swimming. I never got "winded". Sure I was breathing hard, but I always felt in control, not something I'm used to when swimming. Which is good because that 1.2 mile swim at Timberman 70.3 is approaching. I shouldn't fail to mention the 1/2 mile swim at Bassman*** and Wyckoff in April and June respectively.

Tomorrow I've got morning bootcamp then going out with the trainer and another rider for a long bike ride. I'm somewhat nervous, because she's a hard core cyclist, races on two professional teams, and he's hard core too, although doesn't race professionally. The good news is they are both really nice, so hopefully they won't drop me. If I get ditched I'll make a mobile post and someone will have to come pick me up, k bloggers? Wish me luck!

***Bassman is now tenative beacuse I might be off doing a workshop for some important career things. This sucks, beacuse it's a long bike (.5MS/29MB/4.2MR) which I am really looking forward to. We'll see what happens with the workshop, I might not get selected.


Kelly said...

Good luck finding someone to drive all the way out to NJ to pick you up!

As for my running, it's usually sidewalks or a bike path. But I've noticed that it feels better when I run on a treadmill, so maybe the impact of the pavement has something to do with it.

And a 3-lane pool? I've never heard of such a thing!

Kelly said...

Okay I love when I outlast people in the pool or on the treadmills. Very cool. How'd the bootcamp/bicycle rides go? Way to go on the swim!

teacherwoman said...