Sunday, February 8, 2009


After the morning bootcamp workout, the bootcampers went to Starbucks for a healthy breakfast. Half of a reduced fat turkey bacon & egg sandwich, a few pieces of a multigrain bagel with almond butter, and a tall coffee. Then made loose arrangements to go out with the trainer and her coach from her cycling team. Yea, that would suck riding with two professional cyclists. As it turned out she didn't call him in time and he went out on the road on his own. So she called me and we met up to ride. We did loops through through this mountain. It's a short loop, only 3 miles, so I lost track how many times we went around. Aside from a 5 minute break as we ate an AccelGel/Gu and talked about the ride back, it was 2.5 hours of cycling.

To your right you see my legs donned in my recovery socks. My legs feel good right now. A little sore, but nothing unmanageable. What is in pain though are my sit bones. Next weekend it's time for a trip to the bike store to get a better bike fit and perhaps a new saddle.
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Kelly said...

Wow! Those socks are ATTRACTIVE!

Kelly said...

That is why I don't like biking. I hope the store can hook you up.

teacherwoman said...

Nice socks! I hope you find what you need to help the comfort on the bike!

Nat said...

oooh. I hate biker butt. After a four or five rides, mine thankfully seems to go away. Hope you get a nice seat!