Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Recovery Socks

This past weekend I finally got a chance to try out my Recovery Socks courtesy of the contest that Frayed Laces held. Sunday I had a 45 minute bootcamp workout then a 45 minute spin class. I put the socks on after I got home, ate, and showered. I wore them to the superbowl party. I had thought about wearing shorts to show them off, but decided against it and hid them under a pair of jeans. They stayed on all night and took them off the next morning pre-shower.

Results: Compared to the sorness felt in other muscles (arms & chest) there was very little in my legs. I often feel some tightness in my calves after running/cycling and there was very little this time. Some real light stretching made the legs feel fabulous.

Verdict: Would I buy them myself? Hrmm... If I weren't paying for two graduate degrees, probably. But when I have a choice to buy something to wear WHILE training versus something to wear AFTER training, the workout gear has to win.

Hopefully if it ever stops snowing I'll be able to get out for a long run to really try them out. Maybe they will see a greater effect from running. Thanks again to Frayed Laces and the Recovery Sock people!


Kelly said...

Just looking at the picture real quick, cause I was curious, they look a lot like ted hose. Are they more of a compression stocking?

Tri Dave said...

Yea, it's a compression sock.

teacherwoman said...

I would like to try those sometime!