Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shake That

Yesterday I had my last swim lesson in the package I bought. It was great! He wrote up a swim training plan based on 2 swim workouts per week which brought me up to June 1st. 4 months of swim workouts, kick ass! This is a great for me, because last year's swim plan consisted of "swim". So it'll be a nice change to have a plan that actually has some details. Oh I also forgot to mention, before the swim lesson I decided to do one more light swim workout on my own for about 30 minutes. Then I get to the lesson and the 30 minute lesson turned into an hour. My shoulders and legs felt like rubber after!

This morning was the 45 minute bootcamp class. More snow angels and another painful core exercise: Pilates swimming. I think I really need to up the core work. Between that and several aerobic intervals I was plenty sore warmed up for spin class.

Spin Details
51:20 HRM Time
155 Avg HR
178 Max HR (for about 30 seconds twice during the class)

I wanted to go swimming after class. Yea, I'm a sucker. That involved a 30 minute drive to the gym with a pool. So sucker me drove there, but upon arrival discovered a pool full of ankle biters kids, celebrating someones birthday. I waited 10 minutes and they were still in there, then just decided to drive home.

Right now I'm wearing my Recovery Socks from Frayed Laces. Tomorrow I'll post my impressions of them. Now off to watch some funny commercials and I think there's some kind of sporting event going on too. Right?

P.S. Does the Super Bowl count as a day off from healthy eating? I can have a beer or two, right?


Kelly said...

Wow... 4 months of workouts. I'm like you... my swimming is basically the same every time I go... the same length of time and distance and effort. I'm lame.

teacherwoman said...

I think that you are okay to have a couple beers tonight. :)

Badgergirl said...

Enjoy a couple of beers. I think you've deserved it!

alisha said...
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