Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Short Skirt/Long Jacket

Yesterday I was hoping to get out of school not much past 3:30, but just as I was nearing packing up my Independent Study student came in and asked for help. Despite my efforts to convince him to come Wednesday I said yes, then didn't get out of school until almost 4:30. I got home 5:15-ish with a little light left and temperatures just below 50, but dropping quickly I headed out for a run.

I was hoping to make the run a 3 miler, easy recovery from Sunday's ride, legs are still a little sore today. But I only have a 2 mile loop and a 5 mile loop which I have GMaps'ed out. So I did the 2 mile loop and what I thought would be half of that. It turned into a 3.62 mile run in 32 minutes, time off of the iPod clock (ran out of the house so quick I forgot the HRM). Overall it was an 8:50 pace, but the first two were definitely MUCH faster, didn't check the clock for a time. The run was great, didn't feel like I was over exerting myself and that I was really running a recovery pace. Which is EXCELLENT. If 8:50 feels like recovery I can't wait to see what I can do on a tempo run! It's good to see my running is getting better, despite the limited number of runs per week. This is great news for a triathelete!

Tonight it's grad class, then swimming. Tomorrow swimming, then grad class. Thursday = busy day.


teacherwoman said...

You are busy busy busy!

Frayed Laces said...

Should have taken your student running with you!

Renee said...

Good job on the run!

Rachel said...

Nice job! I love the "beat the sunset" workouts.