Saturday, August 22, 2009

Motivation (Swimming)

It seems I have the most difficult time getting myself motivated to become a better swimmer. If you've read previous posts you'll know as a kid, I only learned to swim recreationally, not competitively. So in terms of having good form, breathing, and the basics of head in the water I have a tough time with it. While I've managed to push my cycling and running (albeit the running has slacked recently) I still have such a difficult time getting motivated to swim.

I will admit that I'm intimidated to go to the pool. Generally it seems that anyone my age who's swimming already has somewhat decent skills. With cycling and running you can quietly and somewhat secretly work on your own to improve, but with swimming there's always someone else there, even if just the life guard.

I'd really like to become more competitive in triathlon, but I know my lack of swim motivation will hamper me right from the start, literally! Yes, I know duathlon is an option, but those just don't seem anywhere near as cool. Has anyone else had swimming apprehensions which they have or are working to overcome? What worked for you?

Note: Today's bike ride didn't happen for two reasons. 1. Had previous plans to go to Renaissance Faire with my friend. 2. It rained and we missed out on the Ren Faire. Boo! Instead we caught a movie instead. Tomorrow, weather pending I'll be cycling on my own in the morning. Then I have some personal things to attend to with The Girl.

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Kelly said...

Maybe you should get a swim coach for a few months to help you work on the basics.