Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Morning Social

That was the name of the group ride I did today. We started as a group of about 20, right at the start 4-5 took off as the "fast" group. I wasn't sure where I would belong. It was a B/C* ride, so I figured I'd stay with the main pack. The ride was basically 18ish miles (interstate again) to a deli and back. About 10 miles in a small pack, 4 people, made a break. I was getting a little tired of using small gears and breaking a lot, so I decided to join them.

After a nice lunch at a Jewish deli named Bubbas, (interesting name for a Jewish Deli), we headed back. I joined the same small pack again for the ride back. Mostly on the downhill now we were around 18-22 mph for most of the ride home. There was one guy in the lead I kept trying to chase with not much luck (except for traffic lights). I guess it's good to push.

Yesterday I did a 25 mile ride myself. I haven't decided what's on tap for tomorrow it's supposed to rain, but the weather people have said that yesterday and today, no rain so far. Enjoy all!


teacherwoman said...

Nice riding! :)

Kelly said...

I didn't realize the 2 sets of brakes was odd. I like them... when I'm tucked down into the handles, I use the big ones on the front. But when I'm riding slow or coming up on a road or stoplight, I'll use the ones on top so I can be more upright. :)