Monday, September 28, 2009

Wind Repeats

No, not hill repeats. It turns out that today has been a very windy day. I rode myself down to the marsh area, super flat and did a few repeats of into the wind (roughly 11 MPH) and wind from behind (24 MPH). Yea it was some serious wind.

I also took some time to practice standing and pedaling. I'm getting more comfortable with it; it's a work in progress. On the way home I also attempted standing going up hill too. I've always kept myself sitting while climbing, tough I know. I guess I have a little apprehension about standing and pedaling, especially uphill. I'm getting better though, in a few more weeks it'll be second nature!

I'm working running back in a bit. A rather unenthusiastic once a week, but it's a start. No swimming yet, need to hit up the pool at school. I'm keeping the cycling strong though at least 4 times a week.

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