Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sexy bones

I love pictures just like any other blogger. Since it's now October 1st I figured I'd share a spooky skeleton. Oooo! Or just my broken finger.

Not much to see in this first image, well it's my hand. Left to be precise. Notice the high tech medical pointing device at the lower left. It resembled a paper clip. I joked with the radiologist about it and she said they have to improvise at times. I hope they only improvise with their high tech medical pointing devices.

The second picture is a little closer. You might be able to make out the faint fracture with the little circle that was on the xray.

I zoomed in more and made a big red box around it too. Ignore all of the dust from my scanner. I guess this is why we have doctors because I doubt I would've noticed that little black line. Well, the pain is another clue.

Safe swim/bike/run all!
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1 comment:

Badgergirl said...

I wouldn't have noticed it either.

Thanks for sharing the pics of your broken finger! Hope it's feeling better.