Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Back to the doctor yesterday for a 6 week followup. My finger is getting a lot better. I've got almost all flexibility back and essentially no pain there. My shoulder is another story. I'd describe it as constant soreness. Imagine how your muscles feel after a REALLY tough workout. Well, that's how my shoulder has felt for the last month. The doctor is sending me for physical therapy now. I could use a little more work to get me back on track. My own pushups have been getting better and better. I can squeeze out 15-20 at a time now, still on the knees. I have tried traditional pushups, but can only make 5 or so until my shoulder protests.

First PT is Tuesday. I'll update once I have more. Oh, and I need to get into the pool to test out the shoulder a bit. Maybe after some PT.

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teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear the finger is doing better. Hope that shoulder starts to heal soon!