Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Goals

To keep in line with others here are my 2010 goals.

Life Goals
  • Do some GREAT auditions for doctoral schools.
  • Keep managing the spending/saving as I have started to do this past fall.

Fitness Goals
  • Win the 2010 Challenge with The Girl!!!
  • Be consistent with at least 2 runs per week. I'd like this to be 3 runs or more, but 2 is a good goal.
  • Pushups 5 days a week! No goal number, just want to do them consistently. I've started this for a few weeks already.
  • Get a new bicycle!
  • Half-marathon - Not sure where, but I feel like this would be a great goal.
  • Franklin Lakes Triathlon - I had hoped to race this last year, but didn't. A former student of mine is planning to race it and has been trying to convince me to do it too. (Dependent on getting a new bike)
  • Just generally keep myself physically fit!


teacherwoman said...

How about the Fargo Half Marathon?!?! LOL. It's Flat, Friendly, and Fast!

Looks like some great goals!

Becca said...

It's so interesting to read everyones goals for the year! Good luck with all of them!

Runner Leana said...

Great goals! Best of luck and happy 2010!