Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hello Madame Stairmaster

Yes, the Stairmaster is a Madame.  We have a love hate relationship.  I love how quickly I can build up a good sweat.  I love how strong I feel after being on it.  But then I hate the soreness the next day.  Well, maybe not, soreness makes you feel alive. So maybe it's more love-love?  After doing my PT exercises at the gym I spent 15 minutes getting a re-introduction to Madame Stairmaster.  I'm trying to ease back into the relationship.  

This is in stark contrast with the treadmill.  Oh yes, this is just hate-hate.  In a way I'm jealous of those of you who say you can run on a treadmill for 3 miles, 4, miles, or more.  Me?  I make it 5-10 minutes max and get BORED.  Occasionally I also feel unsteady or even light-headed running on the treadmill.  It doesn't happen when I run outside, so running isn't the issue.  It's also very possible I've built up this hate in my head and it's all up there.  Oh well, that's fine.  I'd rather run outside anyway. 

KelsaLynn is helping to keep me in check.  Last week I got two of the three goal runs in.  Wednesday and Saturday.  Pushups did all five.  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.  Only two runs though.  Wednesday and Saturday. Thanks! 

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