Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New Discovery

I had a meeting for grad school this afternoon and figured after making the trip I'd stop by the recreation center.  I decided to explore a little bit and found two neat things.  The first was an arm bike that uses water for resistance.  As you adjust the intensity it moves water in and out of two chambers.  Inside of one chambers is essentially a flywheel.  More water=more resistance.  It was pretty neat.  The best thing about it is it is VERY smooth.  Also since water is the source of resistance you can fine tune it down to a small level. 

My next discovery was probably my solution for the treadmill.  An indoor running track!  I'm not sure how long it is, but it's the second level above a full basketball court, and only three lanes, so small.  I was a little confused why the two people already running were running the wrong way.  I just blindly joined in, rather than looking like an ass going opposite of them,.  Then as I was leaving I noticed a sign that designated certain days to run in certain directions.  I guess to evenly wear the surface.  Great idea! 

All of the equipment is brand new and really fancy nautilus stuff.  So needless to say, I'll be spending a lot of time here over the semester.  Especially since it's free!  Well maybe not free, I am paying tuition. 


Chad said...

HAHA, Okay that was funny about the running in opposite ways, dont we all have those moments where others are quietly making us wonder what is going on and you have to choose whether to copy o r not blindly??? Glad you caught the sign. I may not have been so quick. Great post!
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Julia said...

Hi! Thank you for the great advice on the cycling shorts dilemma! I need to do some more web window shopping first, but your advice is really helpful :)