Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Challenge

I hope everyone had great Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years celebrations. My December has been real busy. I've made mention about The Girl, we had a great 1st Christmas together. We were able to spend lots of time with both her family and my family which was wonderful.

Weight-wise, 2009 was pretty bad for me. Meeting The Girl has been wonderful, but it has resulted in a lot of "Happy Fat", for both of us. In September 2008 I was 157.5; this morning I
weighed in at 175. I've joked with her that I wish I could get some more "Sad Skinny" instead. Well, half-joking actually.

That brings me to the 2010 challenge. After reading Kelly's post about the weight-loss challenge she's having with her boyfriend, Ryan, The Girl and I are engaging on the same thing. Here's the details:
  • On Saturday, January 2nd, she and I will conduct our official weigh-in.
  • We are allowed to weigh ourselves during the process, but we may not share our progress with each other.
  • Sunday, February 7th we'll have a mid-way weigh-in to share our progress.
  • The final weigh-in will be Sunday, March 7th (the day before our 1 year 1st date anniversary)
  • The person who has lost the largest percentage of weight wins.
  • The loser must make a full dinner from scratch. (Same prize that Kelly is planning)
There's good news and bad news for today's weigh-in. I weighed 175, which is 2 pounds more than just prior to the Christmas/New Year's holidays. That's bad because I put on 2 pounds, but good because it's 2 pounds more which I can lose! Good news and bad news for The Girl (I won't post her weight, not sure how she would feel about that). But she lost 4 pounds over December, mostly due to being really sick for about 2 weeks. Good that she lost weight, but also bad for the competition because she's starting closer to her goal. Good for me! ;)

My goal?
I've got 9 weeks so I'm aiming to lose 13 pounds to go down to 162. That'll end up being about 1.4 pounds a week, a pretty reasonable goal and should be manageable.

How to do it?
Well, swimming has been non-existent, as I'm still dealing with the PT for my busted shoulder, but I do hope to get into the pool very soon, gotta check with the PT/doctor first.

I also just got some of the Beachbody P90x dvds. Now I've never been a DVD workout person, but now that I don't have easy access to a gym it might be a nice change. I don't know if I'll do the full P90x series, just use them as a supplement. I know some friends who have used them and loved it.

Last key is running. To motivate me I just got a new pair of running shoes! It's been a while since I've bought a pair and probably in big need for a change.

Updates to come soon! I promise!!!

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kelsalynn said...

Those are some rad shoes! Isn't it funny how buying some workout clothes or a new pair of shoes can really motivate you?!?!

Good luck w/ your 2010 goals. I gained weight my 1st year of being married, then we learned how to motivate each other.