Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wild Wednesday

Yesterday I decided to try out the P90X for the first time.  I did the day one video: Chest and Back/Ab Ripper X.  I'm still building back my shoulder strength from my accident a few months ago, so multiple push-ups and pull-ups are not easy.  I listened to my body throughout, modified my number of reps, and did nearly all of the push-ups on my knees.  I don't have a pull-up bar, which is fine, because I don't know if I can do one anyway.  Instead I'm using elastic bands, which I find more fun anyway.  The ab part was really tough. I bagged out of the last 1/3 of the video, I guess I need to build some more core strength.  In all, my comments are OH BOY!!!  It's definitely a tough workout.  I'm planning on moving on to video #2, Plyometrics, this afternoon so we'll see how that goes. 

That was yesterday afternoon.  What did I do last night?  Rested, watched TV, and ate bon bons?  No. I text'ed my friend the spin instructor and asked if I could join her class in the city.  Well, not class, but classes. Back-to-back 45 minute spin classes, plus I rode right through the 15 minute break in between.  The gym at my school doesn't have spin classes, so it was nice to get back into one.  I felt strong through the whole class and had a great workout. 

I think a lot of my success with the rather intense training day was due to my nutrition.  I've never followed any specific nutrition plan.  Generally, I try to keep portion sizes smaller and eat many times through the day.  Here was yesterday's spread.  

8am - Bowl of Kashi Island Vanilla & No fat Stonyfield farm yogurt
12noon - Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a hamburger roll
2pm - (post P90x) - Jay Rob vanilla egg white protein in milk
4pm - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
8:30pm - (post spin) - Apple
9pm - Pretzel dog (I was still hungry and couldn't resit the temptation walking through Port Authority)
10pm - Glass of milk and slice of pound cake

I probably shifted more of the food earlier in the day, or skipped the pound cake, but overall I think it was decent.  Yes, taylor ham and hot dogs aren't exactly health food, but they are my vices.

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Rachel said...

What's the P90X? Like fitness and video game in one? Sounds rad!