Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Run and PT

Finished a 2.18 mile run today in 21:32 minutes, a decent 9:53 pace, considering running has been a minimum.  It was above my 32F limit, a balmy 34F today, that's what prompted me to go for the run. Oh and I've got less than 3 weeks remaining in my weight loss challenge.  I haven't lost what I had planned, but in these last three weeks I'm planning on kicking it up. 

On the PT front things are going well.  My therapist wants to ramp up the weight and add/change some exercises. The pain is essentially gone, now I'm just working on building strength back.  External shoulder rotation is my only major limit right now, probably 50% compared to the other arm.  Everything else is making steady improvement.  I'm up to 80 lbs on rows and lat pull downs.  I had normally done 120 before the accident.  By mid-spring I should be back up to that. 

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Mel-2nd Chances said...

All your hard work will pay off!!! Keep it up! :)