Saturday, March 6, 2010

Burpee Challenge

I've decided to join Kelsalynn for the burpee challenge.  The following is taken from her blog...

Here's how it works-
Day 1 (today) do one burpee.
Day 2 (tomorrow) do two burpees.

... continue until Day 100 where you complete 100 burpees that day.

Obviously, it's fairly easy at the beginning, but getting into a routine is critical. Toward the end, that's a lot of burpees but they're great for muscle strength, power, fat loss, cardio, etc.

Here are some details:
1. If you are on Day 30, you don't need to do all 30 at once. You can do 10 in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, 10 in the evening. As long as you do 30 that day, you can do them at any time.
2. If you miss a day, you must make them up. So if on Day 12 you are sick, on Day 13, you must do 25 (12+13).
3. After every 25 days, I plan to celebrate with a beer to mark the milestone! I'd love it if you celebrated and completed the challenge right alongside me!
4. The proper burpee is the following movements: squat down, jump back to push-up position, perform push-up, jump back to squat position, jump up. That's one. Yes, you have to do the push-up at the bottom (drop to knees and do a modified one if you want) and jump at the top of the burpee.

I just did day four today.  So far it's pretty easy, but I'm sure 30 or 40 or 50 days in things are going to be very different.  My schedule is about to get busy again so this is a relatively "simple" exercise which I can do right away in the morning or squeeze in during watching 24.  

On a similar front I have only one week of PT left!  I just finished week 11, this coming week is week 12.  The doctor and PT are both confident that I'll be able to gain back the remaining strength on my own.  Yesterday I did 100lbs on the rows and lat pull down machine for the first time since my accident.  Previously I was only able to do 120 and struggle through it, but the 100lbs feels pretty easy actually.  I definitely want to keep up with it.  My therapist also has me doing bench push-ups, 30 (I split into sets of 15 or 10), on about an 18" bench.  It's tough, but doable.  I'll need it to complete the burpee challenge!  

Stay tuned for another post tomorrow about the results of the New Years ChallengeKelly posted hers a a week ago. 


kelsalynn said...

YAY! I'm so excied that you're doing the burpee challenge with me. Are you on the same day as me? I'm on Day 4 today (Saturday). Let me know! Check in with me!

kelsalynn said...

Sorry, got a little excited and posted my comment before reading your whole post. You just did 4 today, so yes, we're on the same schedule. YAY!