Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Keeping Honest Part 2

I said I was swimming today and did I? 

YES!!!!  If you look closely, you can even see the little drops of water!  I spent 40 minutes in the pool just trying to get used to swimming again.  My shoulder felt GREAT throughout.  I didn't bother to keep track of distance, just 50 yards of one stroke, switch to another, repeat.  Being spring break at school there was only one other person in the pool in the rather empty fitness center. 

On the burpee front I did 14 today, which may be one more than what I should have done.  SomehowI may be a day off, but it's early enough, so I've decided just to go with the total I have now.  I programmed each of the Monday #'s into my Palm so each week I can reference that from now on.

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teacherwoman said...

Nice job Tri Dave! Wahoo!