Saturday, September 11, 2010

Florida update

Sorry for the absence in blogging.  Moving to Florida has been a whole lot of everything.  Here's a brief summary of things that have gone on: changed all my addresses, got FL license, got FL car tags (way too expensive), scheduled classes, attended three weeks of classes, co-teaching undergrad class, unpacked a LOT of boxes.  Tonight you might be able to see me on TV.  I'm directing the Pep Band at the Florida v. Texas Volleyball game.  4:30pm (EDT) is the start of the game. 

On the fitness front... The recreation facilities here at Florida are AMAZING! The new Rec Center is huge and there are so many classes to chose from.  So far I've done a bunch of spinning classes as well as lifting and some elliptical work.  The elliptical is cool because you can plug in your iPod and watch on the 'big' screen.  It's a good way for me to watch my trashy TV (e.g. Jersey Shore) without having to waste time when I should be studying. 

I still haven't ventured outside for running.  Daily highs of 92+ with that much in humidity are a bit much for this Jersey Guy.  Even late at night it barely gets into the low 80's.  Once the fall hits I might be more inclined to run. 

A do want to give a big thank you to DC Rainmaker for his recent Gamin contest.  His reviews on fitness tech products are some of the best and most comprehensive that you can find.  Plenty of pictures and descriptions of the items he's reviewing.  This one on the Withings Wifi Body Scale also caught my attention and seems like a cool techy product.  Thanks Ray! 

Go Gators!

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Chloe said...

Welcome to the humidity :) It's hot here. what part of Florida are you in??