Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday evening run

Yesterday was a relatively calm and relaxing day in North Florida.  The girlfriend was working afternoon to close, so I had the apartment to myself.  This consisted of mostly lounging, some homework, and a quick run before dinner time, leftover chili from Friday night.

Today I've got a 4 mile run on tap.  I'm also going to check out the fitness room here at the apartment complex.  I'm not planning on doing anything, but I saw a fitness company delivery truck earlier in the week and was hoping they were replacing some of the busted equipment they have. 

This afternoon I'm covering volleyball band for one of the other grad students.  The girlfriend is working afternoon to close again, so it's another evening as a bachelor. 

Check out the map/pace from yesterday's run.  My pace didn't seem to align with any of the elevation changes, whatev's.  I'll post the stats from today's run later this evening.  Happy Sunday!

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