Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello all!

Long time no blog. I was inspired today when I read Kelly's blog, she last updated about the same time as me. Her update was a little more epic then mine, including some wedding pictures. As for me...

I'm almost as epic. I dropped the big question to the girlfriend and she said yes. The date is still in the works, but we're aiming for May 2012 here in sunny Gainesville, Fl!

(She didn't see it coming. The fingers are cut off in the picture because she didn't want the bandaid to show. Yup, I got her!)

Since the end of classes in early May I've been on somewhat of a drive to lose some weight. All the more motivated because of the wedding. In May I tipped the scale at 176.5. My lowest post=pubescence was early fall 2008 at 151.5. Hrmm... That's when I did the triathlon, so working out does help you lose weight?!? At present I'm at 169.5 and have been hovering a pound +/- there for the past two weeks. The 151.1 mark is probably a bit extreme. I'm aiming to for the 156-158 range.

Spin classes have been limited, mainly due to summer classes, research, and graduate student servitude work. I'm nearing completion of the second set of TRX classes. It has been a lot of fun. It's more weight training focused than cardio. I definitely feel stronger in the upper body and perhaps core, both trainers worked in core exercises as a transition between TRX exercises.

My dilemma is the school gym shuts down for most of August between the end of summer classes and the start of fall. I'm probably going to shell out $10 for a no frills/no commitment gym two blocks from my apartment. Working out in Florida outside in August? I don't know how people do it; it's not for me!


Kelly Benton said...


Have fun being engaged, don't let her go crazy over the insignificant details, and definitely hire a videographer! :)

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

congrats!!! that's exciting stuff!