Friday, February 17, 2012

GF Here I Come!

I'm five weeks into a 9 week group fitness instructor training course. The course itself doesn't give a certification, more on that later, but it basically is a 9 week audition/job interview to be a group fitness instructor at my school's rec center. The course has been about half lecture/half practical. Each week we cover a new type of exercise e.g. Turbo Kick, PiYo, etc. Learning about other group fitness classes has been great. I'm not a Zumba kind of guy, but learning about the dance classes has been great! The "classroom" end of fitness has been a real challenge for me. Who ever knew we had this many muscles? I haven't taken a bio class in 14 years!

Last Friday I took the AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certification. It was an ALL DAY adventure. I won't find out the results for at least a month. This certification will let me teach most of the non-trademark classes at the school rec center.

As part of the instructor training course we paired ourselves up with a mentor, I'm in cycle! Every week I attend the class and over time start to take over the course. Last week I ran the warm-up; this week I'm doing warm-up and cool-down. My mentor as has me up in the front of the class next to her. It's a really different view to watch a group fitness class from the instructor view v. the participant view!

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