Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6 Weeks in

Not only am I six weeks into being a group fitness instructor, but I'm six weeks into marriage. If you wanted to read about weddings you'd look at a wedding blog, so onto the group fitness.

My first six weeks as a group fitness instructor have been amazing! Originally I was supposed to be teaching four cycle classes a week. Well, one of the instructors had her schedule messed up just prior to the start of the summer schedule. She was able to flip flop mine and another instructor's schedule so that I ended up with four cycle classes and one core class a week. Sweet! Well, sort of. I wasn't really prepared to teach core and since I have a pretty weak core to begin with wasn't sure how good I'd be. I've improved.

The core classes are only 30 minutes, so with a warm-up and cool down it's not a whole lot of working out. With the support of many YouTube videos, a book or two, and some advice from a friend I think I've put together a few really good core workouts. Each week I've kept close to the same workout, just rotate out 2-3 exercises and rotate in some new ones. Here's what I did in today's class.

Super Set #1
Bicycle (:30)
Reverse Crunch (:30)
Oblique crunch – LEFT leg cross RIGHT leg, touch RIGHT elbow to LEFT knee) (:30/side)
Oblique Twist (20/side)
Standard Plank (:45 / 1:00)

Super Set #2
Side Plank w/Leg Raise (:45/side)
Single Leg Lower (:30/leg)
Heel Touches (:30)
Standard Plank (:45 / 1:00)

Super Set #3
Prone shoulder lift (Hands: under forehead,  T, or 45 degrees) (:45)
Prone Leg Lift – L Arm w/R Leg alternate (:45)
Snow Angels (:45)
Standard Plank (:45 / 1:00)

I like to go through each set twice, but I saw the class going long so only made it though Super Set #2 once. If I do a little better job managing time I think I can make this work in 30 minutes.

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eyerisgrl said...

Thanks for posting this! I think I'm going to try this on my own. Always looking for good core workouts- that is definitely the area I (and many others) need to work the most!