Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cycle Playlist I-95 Style

After putting together eight different cycle playlists of music that I like, I've decided to make a few with themes. I'm definitely planning a bunch of Olympic themed playlists with artists from a given country; the UK playlist is about halfway done. Yesterday I put together an I-95 playlist. It features artists born in each of the states, plus DC, that Interstate 95 passes through. I think it's actually a pretty good playlist! Here it is.

FL - Pitbull "Hey Baby"
GA - OutKast "Hey Ya!"
SC - Needtobreathe "Something Beautiful"
NC - Clay Aiken "Measure of a Man"
VA - Timbaland "Morning After Dark"
DC - Mya "Case of the Ex"
MD - Toni Braxton "I Belong to You"
DE - George Thorogood "Bad to the Bone"
PA - Taylor Swift "Picture to Burn"
NJ - Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name"
NY - Jay-Z "Empire State of Mind"
CT - John Mayer "Crossroads"
RI - DJ Pauly D "Night of My Life"
MA - Boys Like Girls "Hero/Heroine"
NH - Mandy Moore "In My Pocket"
ME - Howie Day "Collide"

And since I add an extra song while people are leaving the room and since I-95 becomes Route 95 in Canada I've included Avril Lavigne "I Love You" as the post-workout song!

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