Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Class

Today was day two of the second summer session. Although the cycle class had the max reservations (15 at this facility) only 11 people showed up. There always seems to be about 2-3 no-shows. That's a bonus for people who try and show up for the wait-list, but not many people show up for the wait-list!

That wasn't the big class, but my 30 minute core class afterwards was! I had 31 people in the class, max of 35. There were still a bunch of no-shows, but at least five people came for the wait-list. It was great! I think after teaching core for six weeks I'm finally starting to get the handle on it. I did have a little problem though. The clock in the room was broken and I go watchless. Ooops! So set my cellphone, which also acts as my music player, on clock mode. That helped to keep me on schedule. Mostly I was using the music to cue how long to work for. FYI: Most songs generally have choruses of 30 seconds and most verses are about 30 seconds.

After the class I had a long conversation with this super excited 18 year old freshmen who wants to teach group fitness. It was actually pretty cool and had some great conversations with her about teaching and my experience in just starting out.

On a personal fitness note the wife and I are planning to start Insanity. Should be a good adventure and hopefully provide some good amusement on the blog. I leave you with a new song off of a playlist that I made up today. 

Kylie Minogue "Timebomb"

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eyerisgrl said...

Good tip about the time length of verses and choruses- I never thought of that!!

Good luck with Insanity- one day I think I will try it but not yet…let me know what you guys think!