Monday, July 30, 2012

Wow! That was a tough class!

The title of this post was what one of my cycle participants told me at the end of today's class. Go me! The best part is he is a road cyclist on the school cycling team and a regular attendee. Go me, again! It makes me so happy that I'm pushing my class. I wasn't consciously pushing the class harder than in recent weeks, but I was wearing my heart rate monitor for the first time; I was trying to keep myself above 160 for as much of the class as possible, so maybe that made me push everyone else too. I guess I'll have to keep wearing it and keep pushing everybody!

One of the toughest songs on the playlist is "Beautiful People" from Burlesque. The first time I heard the song I knew I had to use it for a class. There are four sprints during the song. The first three songs are separated by only 15 seconds rest AND each sprint gets longer than the previous.  It's at a great point in the playlist that everyone is well warmed up, but still has some good muscles left. Add it to your playlist. If you're running a 5K soon, put it on two minutes short of when you expect to end, it'll push you to a PR.


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