Friday, August 3, 2012


During the first half of this year I've had a few posts about my weight loss. While it's been quite some time*** since I've been overweight, I've really been working hard to get to a good healthy weight. Over the past few months I've finally been able to do that. I've been using Libra to track my weight somewhat consistently for well over a year now.

***Although this shows me as overweight for the early part of the year, back in late 2003/early 2004 I was at least 215. That's what I consider my "overweight" period.Turning 25 and feeling a "need" to buy size 38 pants pushed me to lose weight. I never did buy any 38inch pants and now am down to a 32, with some space.

Here you can how the last three months+++ have developed. I'm not sure what that little increase in July was about, but it really was only from 155 to 158. Since then I've been trending at 154.5. My goal is to keep my weight in the152-155 range during any given period. This is the tough part! As you can see I've basically been on a downward trend. So recently I've been working on SLOWLY and in SMALL amounts increasing my calorie count, but still keeping in mind how much I am working out.

Right now I'm teaching five cycling classes per week (unless I pick up a shift). Until July, I only drank water before/during class. Now during my back-to-back Cycle/Core class on Tuesday and again on my 60 minute cycle class on Saturday I've been adding a scoop and a half of Accelerade in my water bottle; this adds 180 calories.

The basic idea is to slow my weight loss. Slow is the key because there's only one more week of summer classes. Then I've got 2.5 weeks off of teaching, still plan on working out though. In the fall I'm only teaching three cycle and one core class; down from my current 5/1. So that is going to require a little food adjustment as well.

For me weight loss has been "simple" eat less/exercise more. but maintaining a healthy weight/lifestyle while balancing the demands of life is really a challenge!

+++That blip in May was post-cruise. Man! I thought I was doing so well with eating. I guess appetizer/entree/dessert at every dinner really did me in! At least I didn't totally "vacate" and made it to the ship's gym twice that week!

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