Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Injury Report

I haven't posted in a while, but it's not due to an injury as the title suggests. The start of school has been VERY busy. I've been keeping up working out, teaching, and making new playlists, oh and that school stuff. Writing blog entries has taken a major backseat.

Back to the injury...

I had a participant in my cycle class nearly pass out! It was right at the end, just before the final song. The 'injured' got off the bike, so I thought they had to leave early, but then I noticed they sat down on the stage and hunched over. I quickly jumped off the bike and told another participant to get some help from the front desk.

Now I was playing double duty, make sure the 'injured' is ok and bring the class to a reasonable end. Since it was the last song, and a quick one, I was able to direct two sprints and a little gear increase. That was in between trying to keep the 'injured' talking hoping to keep them conscious.

The first staff member came in and looked at me and asked if he should call an ambulance. Since she was near unconsciousness I said yes, he called right away. By this point several other staff members, including one of the big upity ups, were in the room taking care of the 'injured.' Now I was able to bring my class to a quick close. Before my class was done with their stretches police and fire rescue were there taking care of the 'injured.' Awesome response time! All of us are first aid/cpr/aed trained, but until you're in a real situation it's all just training. I hope the 'injured' comes back to a class and isn't scared off by this.

Lesson, pay attention to your body. This participant knew enough that they weren't ok and got themselves safely off the bike and onto the ground. Sure keeping yourself from even getting to this point would be great, but sometimes our bodies don't behave. If it hurts stop, if you're short of breath stop, if you're starting to pass out stop. Stay safe everyone!

P.S. This is my 100th blog post!!!

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