Friday, February 1, 2013

Year in Review

As promised here's my 2012 year in review. I'm telling myself that it's late because I want to be a little different and not give my year in review in the first week of the new year, like everyone else. Yea, that sounds good!

January - Started running again with the dog. Also began the Instructor Training Course here at school to become a group fitness instructor.
February - Took my AFAA Group Fitness certification (later found out I passed.) Also presented at my first professional conference!
March - Successfully auditioned and became a group fitness cycling instructor!
April - Went to a bunch of graduation parties, recitals, and concerts!
May - Got married :), taught my first cycling class, went on a honeymoon. (WOW! Busy month)
June - Helped some good friends move, for the second time in six weeks. This time to their very own home!
July - Started Insanity (Didn't get very far), Went to another conference. Had a second wedding celebration at home!
August - Started my last semester of coursework toward my PhD
September - Went to my first SEC football game. Go Gators!
October - Celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday. Passed my written qualifying exams.
November - Celebrated my niece's birth and my birthday. Was named group fitness instructor of the month!
December - Went to my first Midwest Band Clinic. Went to my first BCS Bowl game (we left on 12/31).

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